Saturday, May 15, 2010

a fan in Rio

There is this older woman (I'd venture early 50's) staying in the same hostel in Rio. She seems very nice. Quite touchy, in fact. I met her this morning after waking up, and she immediately started rubbing my arm and telling me she was a "socialista". Alright. That's cool.
She asks where I am from to which I reply "Estados Unidos". She says I am a capitalist, but she likes me. We exchange names. I promptly vacate the room.
This evening, after coming back to the hostel, I am laying on my bed clearing off my camera. She comes over and puts her hand on my leg and we proceed to have almost the exact same conversation from this morning, with introductions and everything. This time though, at the end of it, she points at me and says "me gustas, you" and looks me right in the eye.
So there's that.

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