Saturday, May 8, 2010

a start

Well, I've been traveling for SOM for just over a week now. I wasn't planning on setting up a blog, but it seems much easier to have a place to compile my thoughts outside of a text document. This also provides me with the ability to get everyone on board without sending mass emails or repeating the same things to multiple people.
Keep in mind, this likely will not be a daily breakdown of what I'm doing. I'm going more for a place to post some interesting things I'm seeing and ideas or thoughts going through my head.
Here is a quick breakdown of my trip:
I'm visiting 10 of the most densely populated cities in the world over a 4-month time span. I am extremely lucky to have been chosen for the 2009 SOM Prize by the SOM Foundation. You can see my portfolio and find more info on that here. (I'm the one with the beard.)
And here are the cities I'm focusing on (though Ill be visiting several more):
Mexico City, Sao Paulo, Cairo, Mumbai, Dhaka, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Seoul, Tokyo, New York City.
I even made a fancy map to make this all clear, which you can see above.

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