Sunday, May 30, 2010

I'm in Mumbai now, having flown overnight from Cairo. And I'm feeling quite sickly. But it's not India's fault, at least not directly. I started taking antimalarials prior to my flight in (as India sports some serious strains of malaria), which has led to severe stomach pains and plenty of time resting by a toilet (putting it nicely, here). These are just 2 of the side effects listed for Malarone, though supposedly in drug trials, malarone and a placebo generated almost equal reports of side effects, so maybe these teeth-clenching stomach pains are the result of something else. I'm not banking on that though.

So I took the day off from food yesterday, along with the malarone (which needs to be consumed with food), but today I decided to jump back on it. It's the classic risk assessment: do I risk something rare, but possibly life-threatening, for short term comfort? Not yet, at least. For today, I stick with the drugs.

Tomorrow, I will head out into the incredible heat and humidity of Mumbai to see the city, hopefully free of adverse effects.

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