Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Health has improved. Ive been exploring Mumbai for the past 2 days, at times merely to find air conditioning. The heat is bearable, once you get used to sweat dripping off you in steady streams. Ive given up on jeans, as they are way too heavy when damp, turning into very effective leg incubators. The only pair of shorts I brought along has now become my greatest triumph in forethought.

Walking around Mumbai is kind of fun, mostly because people make it apparent that I don't fit in. There are plenty of long, unwavering stares, which is flattering(?), but the constant stream of "Hello! How are you!" is quite funny. The ladies with babies who want some rupees are a little too grabby, but the people who want to take pictures with me just because I'm here make up for it. I've met a lot of very nice people who just want to know where I'm from. This is a marked difference from Cairo, where foreign tourists are a common sight and questions about where you are from inevitably lead to someone guiding you around for tips.

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